YMCA Tauranga Childrens's Day Celebration 2016

YMCA Tauranga is hosting a Children's Day Celebration on Sunday 6 March 2016 from 10am to 2pm on The Strand.

Come along for free fun activities for kids of all ages.


Enrol a friend

Enrol a friend at YMCA After School Care in Term 1 and get one free day of Holiday Programme in April.

Terms and Conditions for Enrol a Friend promotion:

  • Friend must enrol for a minimum of 2 day per week for 1 entire term
  • Account must be in good standing
  • No WINZ on day booked
  • 1 day per household
  • Maximum cost of day $42

 YMCA Youth Guarantee Programme is proud to announce the support our youth are receiving from Mount Maunganui Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

Thanks to local support from instructor Fielipe Santos, our Youth are engaging in a new programme designed to teach not only self defence, but also improved confidence, self esteem, patience and self discipline.  Click on the logo below and check out their website for more information.


Thinking about After School Care

Kids After School Care registration is always open - jump to the After School Care CLICK HERE!


New Online Registration CLICK HERE!





YMCA Meals orders processed on Monday or Wednesday for delivery on Tuesday and Thursday each week. 

Warm wishes from the YMCA team to you and your family.

The YMCA Crew

Most people hold tightly onto theirs, often too shy to release it. Some people let their spirit run wild, and sometimes have to reign it in - and we meet tonnes of people who have just never been shown how to find theirs.

You also get the occasional person who reckons they are just saving their spirit for later.

At YMCA we work with you to help find your spirit, so you can make the most of your experience and unleash your potential on the world around you.

News & Events

Our 35th AGM will be held on Monday May 25 2015 

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