Youth Guarantee


*CLASS OF 2014*

Youth Guarantee

This full-time course is specially designed for 16 -19 year olds who are looking for an educational environment to complete Level 1-3 NCEA and National Certificates. 

The primary focus of Youth Guarantee is to teach modules of Unit Standards so students can achieve a level of NCEA. In addition to classroom studies we also include a range of activity based learning.  This can include teamwork, leadership skills, confidence building, suppporting positive and healthy lifestyle, sports, and games.

We have a dedicated Youth Tutor who aims to understand the youths needs and will encourage them to do the best they can do. We pride ourselves on our facilities and can offer every student a computer to work on.  

Course Times: Monday - Thursday 8am – 4pm

Cost: Free 

Where: YMCA Tauranga, Devonport rd


Contact Judy at
or telephone 579 6534 to arrange a meeting.